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RobBot: the multichannel bot Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes customer service

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Who is RobBot? An intelligent virtual assistant born from the integration of the #Phones platform with the main Artificial Intelligence engines.

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RobBot was born out of the need to create an intelligent contact centre in which bots and operators work in synergy to guarantee increasingly efficient customer service. Thanks to RobBot, it is possible to guarantee 24/7 customer assistance, manage multiple requests at the same time and lighten the workload of operators by providing immediate responses to the most frequent requests.

RobBot is not just another chatbot! In fact, the integration with #Phones allows the customer to interact with an operator whenever he wants.

Advanced features and functionalities

Multichannel: interaction through voice and text channels


RobBot is a multi-channel virtual assistant, in fact we can interact with it both through the voice and the textual channel. If the voice channel is chosen, the Speech-To-Text and Text-To-Speech engines are used for speech analysis. For the textual channel, integrations with the main instant messaging channels are available. 


1 Multicanalità interazione tramite canale vocale e testuale

RobBot can be implemented through the following channels:

  • Telephone
  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook messsenger
  • Twitter
  • Customer-specific chat

Constant monitoring of customer interactions through the Dashboard


The Dashboards developed by IFM Infomaster not only provide a real time view of the interactions managed by RobBot, but also allow to:


2 Monitoraggio costante delle interazioni
  • Monitor conversations between RobBot and customers
  • Analyze which are the most frequent requests and consequently improve the quality of responses
  • Provide supervisors with a control tool to maximise performance and optimise productivity
  • Provide a tool to reduce management costs by allowing KPIs to be checked at any time, even remotely
  • Customise the layout to suit your needs

Escalate a conversation to a human agent or by Callback


Thanks to the integration with the platform for Contact Center #phones, it is possible to carry out escalation to a human agent at any time during the interaction with RobBot. Both for the voice channel and for the text channel it is possible to activate the following types of escalation:


3 Escalation verso operatore in tempo reale
  • Real time:
    • in the voice channel the call is transferred to the operator;
    • in the text channel a chat with the operator is started;
    • in the text channel a video chat with the operator is started.
  • Callback Module: allows the overall management of callback services by requesting the customer the phone number on which he wants to be contacted and the type of request.

Fully customizable


Thanks to the full intellectual property of the product, designed and developed entirely by IFM Infomaster, it is possible to customize many aspects of RobBot. Among the main customizations it is possible to:

  • Integrate RobBot with leading AI engines available on the market (Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson and Rasa)
  • Modify the graphics, add images and suggestions (buttons); 
  • Study a language that transmits the Brand Identity and Corporate philosophy.