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#Phones An omnichannel cloud Contact Center platform

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#phones the Omnichannel platform, flanked by the most modern Artificial Intelligence technologies, able to guarantee an increasingly effective Customer Experience.

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#phones is a modular Contact Center platform, made up of an articulated structure of functions and components capable of responding to the real needs of the user. The solution allows the integrated management of voice, video chat, email, SMS and social media channels. In Pay per Use mode, #phones is able to guarantee companies the dynamism and scalability that the market requires.

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Advanced features and functionality

Remote Agents with WebRTC multidevice and VPN Free

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Base Digitale Platform's WebRTC technology allows voice and data communication functions to be integrated into websites, without the need to download any plugins or additional elements. Through the #phones platform, calls made with WebRTC are sent to the switchboard software and managed by an operator through the PhoneBar as if it were a normal telephone call.

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  • PhoneBar web or ChromeBar embedded in the browser without software installations
  • Remote agents connected to the #phones platform without the need for a VPN
  • Voice quality guaranteed by the #phones platform in the Cloud
  • Full feature implementation of WebRTC standards on the #phones platform
  • Inbound and outbound calls managed by the operator via PhoneBar web or ChromeBar from the PC or even with external fixed or mobile phone

Proactive Engagement, Videochat, Collaboration


The #phones platform, thanks to the integration of web-Apps, makes available Proactive Engagement, Videochat and Collaboration tools that are essential to meet the needs of customers and ensure an Omnichannel experience.

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  • Engagement of operators from CHAT on the website with one click to offer real-time clarifications on products and services offered by the site to the Customer
  • Intuitive and immediate file transfer or call functions
  • File sharing with interlocutors in the most popular formats, with the possibility of real time filing on storage platforms
  • Ease of use and rapid training of operators 
  • Video Chat simultaneous management of several CHAT requests by operators (multi-chat)

Contact Center with IFM Carrier Services in Pay per Use

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The Contact Center with IFM Carrier Services in Pay per Use offers an all-inclusive service based on a Cloud platform. The solution does not require any initial investment or installation. In fact, pay per use can be used on a modular basis, expanding or decreasing the use of the Cloud platform according to traffic periods, specific outbound activities or occasional needs

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  • Domestic, International and Green Numbers
  • Rapid activation of additional features, with a modular approach
  • No investment in technological infrastructure
  • Integration with CRM, ERP, Ticketing System and third party systems in general (native)
  • ADFS to manage authentication in security according to Customer policies.
  • Dedicated IFM portal allowing to monitor: 
    • Inbound/outbound traffic and consumption data
    • Rate of non-productive calls recognized through IFM MVD technology (link to point 6)
    • Monitoring dashboard to define how to plan your campaigns

Artificial Intelligence, Voicebot and Chatbot

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Base Digitale Platform's #phones platform integrates the Chatbot and Voicebot components through the Natural Language Processing platform.Thanks to the implementation of Virtual Assistants, it is possible to offer a 24-hour assistance service and save on management time.

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  • Use of Virtual Assistants operating 24 hours a day for both the Voice channel (Voicebot) and the textual channels (Chatbot).
  • Use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) frameworks, vertical on the topics and contents provided by the customer, able to automatically understand the interactions and requests of the users and convey in response the provided contents
  • Initial and continous training of the NLP engine , constantly improving over time the ability to classify questions and the linguistic performance in each of the languages used.
  • Ease of integration with Bot technologies or back-end systems already in place
  • .Offer an integrated system that facilitates communication between channels and operators, both human and synthetic

Reporting, Monitoring and Analytics

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The reporting module, developed using the MicroStrategy business intelligence engine, and the Dashboards created by IFM not only guarantee a real-time view of the performance of telephone services but also provide a control tool that makes it possible to maximize campaign performance and optimize Contact Center productivity.

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  • Real-time control of processing trends (inbound/outbound)
  • Reduction of management costs
  • Definition and control of KPIs also from remote 
  • Customization of the layout according to customer needs 

The reporting module 

accessible through the web interface, allows to:

  • Process statistical data
  • Produce standard and customized reports by choosing the possible combinations of research and analysis
  • Scheduling the automatic generation of individual reports with the possible automatic sending, via e-mail, to the designated recipients. 

Outbound Predictive and Mobile Voice Mail Detection

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The Outbound Predictive algorithm allows telephone calls to be made directly from #phones, eliminating non-productive waiting by the operator. In fact, the system is able to make a prediction of the time needed to obtain a productive contact. 

Moreover, thanks to Mobile VoiceMail Detection (MVD) technology, developed by IFM Infomaster, which can be used for cloud-based services, it is possible to determine in real time whether the call is subject to the receipt of specific service messages that make the involvement of an operator unnecessary. 

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  • Increase in productive calls
  • Increased average call duration 
  • Increased efficiency of call center operators 
  • Effective and verified cost reduction
  • Improved Predictive Dialing performance
  • Ability to manage the same contact with multiple numbers
  • Ability to manage numbers on a geographical basis 
  • Reduction of call before answer and operator engagement

Integrations with CRM, ERP, Help Desk Ticketing, PBX

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#phones è integrabile con i principali applicativi esterni di terze parti quali CRM, TroubleTicketing, Workflow e gestionali utilizzati dal cliente. Le integrazioni tra i sistemi di front-end e #phones, vengono realizzate interfacciando la Phonebar direttamente sulla postazione degli operatori garantendo in questo modo un servizio efficace e flessibile volto a facilitare l’interazione con i clienti. 

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7 integrazioni

Main integrations: 

  • market-leading CRM applications/systems (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, PEGA, SAP, OracleSiebel)
  • Trouble Ticketing applications (Service NOW, HelpdeskAdvanced)
  • custom applications, thanks to the complete control of technology, IFM Infomaster is able to respond to new application integration needs of its customers.

Regulations GDPR & PCI DSS compliance


Base Digitale Platform has obtained the certification of compliance with the PCI DSS Version 3.2.1 standard as a Service Provider from Advantio, recognized by the PCI Security Standards Council 

PCI DSS compliance is a requirement for all operators who process payment card data.

The preservation of sensitive data by IFM, also in the redundant approach on multiple Data Centers both in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery mode, guarantees compliance with GDPR regulations and is confined to the Italian territory. Should the Customer's needs require it, IFM is able to operate in order to guarantee compliance with GDPR regulations even when it is necessary to store sensitive data outside Italy.