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IFM Pay Per Use


A complete service in the Cloud including numbering and telephone traffic.

This is just one of the ways in which #phones and other Base Digitale Platform solutions can be utilised. Based on a cloud platform, pay-per-use requires no initial investment or installation. At no cost, it provides the proprietary technology of a leading group in the sector that for years has been designing and implementing management systems to handle communication with customers and stakeholders.


Pay Per Use

How it works

Pay only what you use This is a complete service, including numbering and inbound or outbound answered telephone traffic, but it can also be extended to other channels based on your specific needs and your usual flows with your target audience. You can check traffic and usage at any time by logging in to the specific section with your username and password. This way, you can always decide how to programme your telemarketing campaigns or how much time to dedicate to customer service activities with the utmost transparency. Indeed, pay-per-use can be used flexibly, increasing or decreasing cloud platform use depending on intervals of traffic, specific outbound activities, or occasional needs to address as they arise.

The advantages

IFM_Icone Bianche - 001 zero investimenti
Zero investments in technological infrastructure (hardware, software and telephone lines)
IFM_Icone Bianche - 002 risparmio complessivo
Overall savings on Contact Centre fees

No periodic management and maintenance dues
Transparency on costs based on actual usage

Flessibilità nei consumi


System scalability


Flexible peak load management

Who it’s for

Pay-per-use is especially suited for Outsourcers that develop inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.