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Finance and Insurance

A customer experience able to withstand subrogation and renewals.

FinTech and InsurTech 

The world of financial and insurance services has changed significantly. A mutation witnessed by neologisms that see both being increasingly connected to digital transformation. Speaking of Finance and Insurance today means talking about FinTech and InsurTech, where the integration of the word technology is synonymous with new markets and new means of dealing with customers. It is a scenario that unites the two sectors not just in terms of the type of products offered but also the affinity of the channels through which they are conveyed.


The challenge

Banks and insurance companies are now at a turning point. Until recently, both owed their penetration to a consolidated sales model, being that of the branch and “help desk”. This system now faces fierce competition from those who mainly operate online. But the real competition is not only played out on digital touchpoints, as much as on the ability to oversee all the physical and digital channels. It is in customising the relationship, which must ensure an omnichannel customer experience, that Finance and Insurance can enhance their presence throughout the territory on the one hand, whilst transforming digital channels into levers for solid engagement on the other. In fact, the challenge culminates in customer loyalty and thus in the timeliness of the response, especially in "critical" moments such as, for example, the request to subrogate a loan or renew a policy. It is a challenge that the banking and insurance sectors can win because they have an information asset regarding customers that few other businesses can boast. Their databases have enormous potential for profiling, extracting specific lists and targeted service proposals. This is true so long as there is a Contact Management System capable of turning this potential into action.


What we can do for you

Through the technologies of which it owns the intellectual property, Base Digitale Platform ensures a constant and real-time view of the communication flow in the Finance and Insurance sectors, both regarding outbound campaigns and inbound services. Its system allows the complete integration of all contact channels (telephone, text message, email, instant messaging, chatbot, social media networks) and utilises - with the help of virtual agents - advanced Artificial Intelligence platforms to convert all details of the interaction into a strategic asset able to assign informative value to be spent on customising the offer. This is because customisation truly does make all the difference, conferring a real competitive advantage that feeds off knowledge about the interlocutor. Remaining or changing, when faced with the same financial conditions or even if financial conditions are unfavourable, is a choice that can be conditioned by the customer experience that the credit institution or insurance company proposes. As such, if FinTech e InsurTech are the new playing fields, Base Digitale Platform solutions add the right tools to take on the challenge.

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