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IFM Software As a Service

Software as a Service

The all-inclusive model of the Software as a Cloud service

#phones and other Base Digitale Platform contact management systems can also be used in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, with a service model that allows companies to benefit from the Contact Management System technology available in the Cloud and, thus, accessible via a simple Internet connection.

Sofware As a Service

How it works

Pay a recurring bill based on the functions you require. With SaaS, you decide the number of workstations, features and service type.  Everything is included in the price of this solution, without having to worry about system updates or maintenance. The Cloud, on which the SaaS model is based, ensures unlimited availability, scalability, and high performance that can make all the difference in your Contact Centre. Your sales, marketing, and customer service activities benefit from the advantages of prompt, high-quality interaction that ensures you stand out from your competitors.

The advantages

IFM_Icone Bianche - 001 zero investimenti

Zero investments in technological infrastructure

IFM_Icone Bianche - 002 risparmio complessivo

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings


No periodic management and maintenance dues


Costs based on usage and features


System scalability

Who it’s for

The SaaS model is especially suited for companies seeking advanced technology without having to worry about the infrastructure and how to manage it