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Travel and Leisure

Ensure the trip is unforgettable, prior to departure and after the return.

Multiple channels for a single destination

The requirements for the relationship between the customer and the company in the hospitality and tourism sectors can be summarised in the service quality and the timeliness of responses. The requirements are more stringent in a segment, such as that of leisure, in which the choice of destination is made with more fluid criteria than, for example, business trips. Traditional call centres are not always up to the task, given that the requests for assistance and bookings or even just for information, can derive from a range of channels, not just via telephone. That’s not to say that telephone coverage is not necessary, but that it no longer represents the only channel. This is why the old-school call centre is being replaced with a modern omnichannel Contact Centre


The challenge

Be it customer service or bookings, tools and technologies are required not only to cover all contact channels but to easily connect with management and administrative legacy systems. In fact, companies operating in the leisure & travel sectors need to create a communication flow towards the IT infrastructures (ERP, database, CRM) with which recurrent organisational processes are governed – collating customer master data, checking for availability, maintenance requests, staff shifts, billing and so on. What’s more, they need to centralise information so as to have an exhaustive overview of supply and demand without this generating queues and long waiting times that would result in negative repercussions for the business. Lastly, these areas are particularly "sensitive" to the management of social media contacts that today determine reputation and directs the choices that consumers make. For this reason, harvesting valuable data from the history of the customer relations stemming from interactions via social media networks facilitates proactively intervening on threads and capitalising on all information in a view to making corporate decisions with a focus on the future.


What we can do for you

Our solution has the advantage of being modular, flexible and integrable with existing platforms. It lends itself to managing any contact centre, regardless of the dimensional structure of the individual hotel, the presence of the chain throughout the territory or the specific leisure type (tour operators, cultural associations, museums, theme parks, etc.). In this sense, it can be employed both directly by the company and by any eventual outsourcers appointed to providing the initial contact and assistance service. Base Digitale Platform’s technology is multichannel and can be implemented in on-premises or cloud mode, with the option for pay-per-use, where payment is based on usage. This ensures intelligent queue management, with smart routing based on skills, waiting times and customer preferences. Utilising the emerging Artificial Intelligence techniques to create Virtual Agents that interact in a "quasi-human" way, it provides a unique experience based on an extensive knowledge of the customer’s needs, habits and preferences. It is simple to use, does not require days or weeks of sessions to train operators who can be assisted by the deep learning engine to suggest behaviour and information. Ultimately, it provides data collection and reporting tools to capitalise on all customer interactions, managing to analyse their sentiment in-depth, especially thanks to the integration with social media. Thus, the customer experience is optimised throughout the entire buyer’s journey, one that begins prior to departure and does not conclude upon returning home but concerns the overall experience developed in the rapport with the brand.

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