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Utilies and Services

Not just water and gas but all necessities and all in a transparent manner.

Once upon a time there was a monopoly

In Italy, utilities (electricity, gas, water, garbage collection and disposal, urban transport) show signs of great liveliness. Not least of all, this is demonstrated by the liberalisation of the electricity market which should be completed in 2019. This dynamic closely resembles that of the services. In fact, the abandonment of dominant positions in sectors in which there was once a monopoly is accompanied today by the adoption of communication methods that take into account the possibility of choosing between various options. As already occurs in the heterogeneous service world, being able to intercept leads and prospects, or ensuring that a consumer is strongly attached to the brand depends especially on the ability to maintain a stable and satisfactory relationship between company and customer.


The challenge

Utility customers require transparency in contexts in which it is not always easy to explicitly illustrate, for example, all the items on a bill. What’s more, they also want direct and immediate contact upon turning to one or more channels. Choices are made on these elements, along with the cost variable, in favour of a particular company. This also applies to the services market which, unlike utilities, has only recently had to face competition, having been set up to stand out in very competitive contexts for years. Today, this difference no longer exists and the various telemarketing activities in succession are an obvious attestation thereof. Electricity, ADSL, telephony, TV on-demand are just some of the classic offers presented via outbound telephone calls. Yet the real challenge is not only about acquiring new clients. It is also, and especially, in the ability to keep them, thanks to an excellent inbound service.


What we can do for you

We have innovated traditional call centres by transforming them into Omnichannel Contact Centres, ensuring that utility and service sector companies have an omnichannel, flexible and blended system at hand. What’s more we can boast extensive experience in the utilities sector, including report management as required today by ARERA (Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Reti e Ambiente, being the regulatory authority for energy networks and the environment). Along with this is the automation of processes to identify available employees and the default recording of conversations to protect both parties. Be it with regards to telephone calls and requests from other incoming channels or whether seeking to reach a target audience with outbound campaigns, Base Digitale Platform provides cutting-edge technologies to achieve both objectives with a single tool.

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