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Wasabi is the comprehensive application suite for managing relationships with one's market, increasing customer value with a focus on multichannel capabilities. Wasabi's offering consists of a core component for managing customer records in a multichannel perspective, and a set of additional functionalities (modules) that integrate the application based on the client's specific requirements.

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Advanced features

Wasabi Base


Wasabi Base enables comprehensive and in-depth management of records and media, providing the company with an essential tool to boost its business by increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness in customer relations. This is achieved with a significant reduction in costs, thanks to highly advanced reporting tools.

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Modulo Base


  • Contact Structure: The records are the core of Wasabi. Standard fields and interface-configurable fields merge to meet the needs of every market;
  • Contacts: Extensive configurability for all virtual and physical contact addresses (addresses, phones, emails, social). Relationships: Whether commercial or personal, relationships allow for a broader understanding of the customer by automating contact actions;
  • Contact Categories: Management of multiple contact categories such as customers, competitors, partners, and suppliers in a single application, with separate yet integrated record management;
  • Configurability: Ability to add media directly through the interface via a guided procedure;
  • Role-based Accessibility: The depth of analysis and display of records may vary based on the level of access credentials;
  • Scalability: Customization of each contact reason in terms of information to collect based on the media and contact reason.

Wasabi Help Desk


Wasabi Help Desk is the advanced trouble ticket management module that seamlessly adapts to a company's needs. Attentive to user expectations regarding reliability and the accuracy of proposed solutions, the Help Desk module contributes to increasing customer satisfaction and generating new sales opportunities, thereby improving the company's reputation.

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Modulo Help Desk


  • Configurability: The configuration covers a wide range of parameters, including request segmentation, information to collect for each request, and automations such as emails, SMS, interviews, IVR calls, etc;
  • Procedure Optimization: Increased efficiency in customer service processes through centralized data in a single interface. All employees and collaborators of the company can connect and access the same ticket and customer management, updating and having information available in one place;
  • Cost Reduction Through:
    - Self-Ticketing, where the end customer submits predefined requests on the company's website.
    - Reduction and streamlining of manual staff activities as the application supports the automation of frequently used processes;
  • Traceability of Reports and Support Requests: Maintaining a history of requested interventions on each record;
  • Simultaneous User Interaction on Multiple Channels: The end customer can submit their support request using the tool they find most suitable for their current needs;
  • Full Scalability of Interventions: A powerful alerting system to prevent delays in ticket.

Wasabi Calendar


The Calendar module is designed to manage single-mandate agents and centrally coordinate multi-mandate agents, with specific or shared schedules. It allows for process streamlining through advanced back-office activity management and integration with both outbound and inbound activities.

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  • Revenue Enhancement: Increases upselling and cross-selling activities by providing the sales force access to the customer database with all necessary information (previously purchased products, invoices, etc.);
  • Advanced Agenda Management: Through a public interface accessible from any browser, Wasabi ensures appointments are never overlooked, keeping customer situations under control, and allowing real-time communication of the outcome of each appointment;
  • Integration with Major Company Calendars: Integration with key corporate calendars (Exchange, Google, iCloud, Office365);
  • Webinar Capability: Allows remote management of multiple appointments with the sales force and/or the client company;
  • Geolocation for Efficient Schedule Management: Proposes efficient appointment scheduling to the sales force and/or customer care, respecting saturation levels, calculating distances between appointments, and monitoring the zones of individual agents;
  • Real-time Appointment Feedback: Keeps appointment feedback updated, providing tools for monitoring and offering the sales force alternative and straightforward methods for submitting feedback.

Wasabi Outbound

Wasabi outbound

Outbound is the module for managing teleselling, telemarketing, and appointment setting campaigns.

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Modulo Outbound


  • Rapid Contact Capability: Quickly contact customer records or prospect records using Predictive, Power Dialing, and Portfolio modes;
  • Sales and Back Office Activity Traceability: Track sales and back-office activities in a single tool;
  • Cost Reduction: Reduce costs through user-friendly features that allow supervision staff to independently configure teleselling, telemarketing, and appointment setting campaigns;
  • Privacy Regulations Compliance: Compliance with privacy regulations, including blacklists, privacy by design, and management of mute calls;
  • Advanced Monitoring and Reporting: Advanced monitoring and reporting for campaigns, contact centers, lists, back-office activities, and outcome details;
  • Interface Configurability for Campaigns: Extensive campaign configurability through the interface: commercial outcomes, back office, CTI parameters, contact provider settings;
  • Portfolio Processing: Processing of a specific portion of the list by a dedicated group of resources. Real-time monitoring of results and processing of individual portfolios;
  • Integration with Major CTI Systems: Integrates with the leading CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) systems available in the market;
  • Direct Actions on Contacts: Direct actions on contacts, including import and export facilitated by the interface, reactivation, closure, suspension, and archiving of contacts.

Wasabi Accounting


The Accounting module serves as the administrative core of the suite, providing a comprehensive tool for the operational management of budgeting and contractual administration for employees and collaborators.

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wasabi accounting


  • Real-time Cost and Revenue Monitoring: Monitoring of costs and revenues in real-time related to individual production sites, projects, and individual resources;
  • Structured Management of Contracts and Compensation: Structured management of contracts and compensation for resources in collaboration;
  • Real-time Verification and Control of Budget Objectives: Real-time verification and control of progress towards budget objectives for each project and production site;
  • Native Integration with Other Wasabi Modules: Native integration with other Wasabi modules and the ability to integrate with other tools within the company (e.g., time tracking system);
  • Employee Shift Planning and Workstation Occupancy for Collaborators: Planning of employee shifts and workstation occupancy for collaborators;
  • Profit and Loss Statements: Ability to create profit and loss statements for the company, site, project, and resource;
  • Objective Definition and Monitoring: Definition of objectives for projects and monitoring of progress on a project, site, and resource level;
  • Resource Activity Traceability: Traceability of resource activity times (Work, Training, Break, Block);
  • Employee Management: Calculation of absenteeism, maternity, leave, and furlough; presence shifts;
  • Collaborator Management: Creation of new contracts, calculation of compensation, and related attendance.

Wasabi Marketing


The Marketing module is an extremely powerful tool that enables the mass sending of notifications, communications, and alerts to the customer database, adopting a multichannel approach and providing customer profiling.

In addition to the Marketing module, the Survey application is available, allowing the automatic activation of surveys for customers through channels such as email, WhatsApp, SMS, and telephone at the end of an interaction.


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Modulo Marketing


  • Direct Marketing Actions in One Tool: Wasabi allows, through a single interface, the execution or scheduling of mass communication, invitations, and notifications, along with customer profiling;
  • Dynamic Contact Modes: Adaptive and timely contact modes that align with expectations, behaviors, and increased responsiveness of end users, enhancing the customer perception of the company;
  • Customer Loyalty through Automated Satisfaction Activities: Customer loyalty through automated Customer Satisfaction activities, defining layouts and timing for sending surveys and questionnaires;
  • Enrichment of Customer Base: Enrichment of the customer base through the automatic saving of feedback received from marketing campaigns;
  • Up-to-date Customer Profiling: Always up-to-date customer profiling with access to demographic information, ticket status, received and made calls, and the progress of back-office practices;
  • Multichannel Contact Modes: Multichannel contact modes using the most appropriate means, including email, IVR calls, SMS, and outbound campaigns;
  • Integrated Management of Sales, Help Desk, and Marketing: Integrated management in a single tool of sales, help desk, and marketing activities, bringing evident benefits in terms of actions to be taken and data to be analyzed.

Wasabi Wisdom


The Wisdom module is a perfect knowledge base system. It's a fully integrable, entirely web-based solution designed to provide operators and clients with a platform for knowledge management.

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Modulo Wisdom


  • Cost Reduction through:
    - Self-ticketing activities.
    - Quicker responses to clients;
  • Improves customer satisfaction by providing a valid and always updated tool to employees and collaborators to respond to customer requests;
  • Always Updated Tool: Ensures the tool is always updated through a contest mode involving all company functions, enriching information effortlessly;
  • Contextualization of Topics: Contextualizes topics by providing a space for sharing possible responses and interventions for the proposed subject, similar to a forum;
  • Knowledge Base "Push": Utilizes dynamic help insertion within the site or FAQs, enabling instant access to appropriate answers for specific requests;
  • Advanced Topic Search: Offers advanced search options for topics, including tags, recent searches, most searched keywords, and categories;
  • Wisdom Community: Allows the dynamic development and updating of the company's knowledge base, respecting the contributions of various company stakeholders. This process involves publishing new content after selecting the best-provided answer.

Wasabi Task & Folder


Task & Folder is the module that provides advanced management of cases, workflows, and certified activities.


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  • Highly Configurable Workflows: Creation of highly configurable workflows presented in Kanban or Funnel modes, with customizable phases and activities, including outcome and property control;
  • Configuration of Predefined Templates: Configuration of predefined templates outlining the necessary activities for each case;
  • Automatic Assignment of Activities: Automatic assignment of activities;
  • Use of Certified Execution Checklists: Utilization of certified execution checklists;
  • Notification and Alerts: Receipt of notifications and alerts via email and SMS;
  • Complete Integration with Multi-Channel Coordinator: Full integration with the Multi-Channel Coordinator for effective distribution and reduced wait and management times;
  • Analysis of Management Times and Business Success Forecasts: Analysis of management times and business success forecasts at the company, group, and individual levels, with dynamic benchmarking.

Integrazione Whatsapp

Wasabi whatsapp

The Wasabi platform integrates the WhatsApp Business channel, allowing operators to send personalized messages through predefined templates and manage conversations textually, enriching them with documents, photos, and videos.

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Sezione WhatsApp


  • Conversation Timeout: Allows setting a time frame within which messages sent by the same customer are grouped into a single interaction.
  • Reassignment Timeout: Defines how long after the last incoming message to reassign the interaction to a new operator.
  • Push Notifications: Enables real-time updates of interactions received from customers.
  • Outbound Templates: Allows starting a new conversation with the customer.
  • Additional Data for Interaction: Useful for linking additional information collected by the operator.