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Offer a solution that would allow the classification of the various problems being handled, evaluate the efficiency and response times of the operators and the queued waiting times, monitor the peak times for calls throughout the day. 


Optimal flow management of inbound calls, being approximately 4,000 per month, with online statistics to identify critical moments ahead of time and to implement swift corrective actions. 

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Assimoco (ASSIcurazioni MOvimento COoperativo) is the Movimento Cooperativo Italiano (the Italian Cooperative Movement) insurance group. The Group is comprised of Assimoco S.p.A. and Assimoco Vita S.p.A., established in 1978 and 1988 respectively. The two companies distribute their products in collaboration with approximately 400 Credito Cooperativo institutions - Casse Rurali e Artigiane, as well as through a network of some 100 traditional agencies and cooperatives all around the national territory, which ensure continuous attention to customer needs. To ensure continuous support to its sales network, the Company established Assimoco Online, a Help Desk dedicated to resolving various assistance aspects, both regarding IT and the underwriting/management of the Auto Branch. In the first case, support and training is provided regarding the use of the software applications employed for contract issuance and management, whilst the Auto Branch swiftly responds to requests not requiring specialised technical knowledge or interfacing with the technical management for such problems requiring analysis by industry specialists.


Scalable cost and high quality

After having assessed various solutions on the market, Assimoco Online turned its focus to the #phones Contact Centre solutions for Base Digitale Platform. "Many of the examined solutions require ample investment in infrastructures or presented functional limits for future software integrations,” emphasises Romano. “Hence, we opted for a system able to offer a scalable cost based on our progressive growth and to maintain high quality levels for our users. What’s more, the solution’s level of integrability and the time to market in enacting new campaigns also played a significant role." After an initial product configuration and customisation phase in accordance with the specifications underlined by Assimoco, integration with the Trouble Ticketing and Change Management software in use was completed, so as to allow operators to: have a single history of operations completed, constantly monitoring the progression of open cases, requests sent by users and the status of any potential developments regarding supplied IT systems connected to reported anomalies or requested changes.


A prompt and efficient service

Over time, the Assimoco Online services have also been extended to other environments. This project, combined with the continuous evolution of the software used by the distribution network - AssimocoWeb and AssimocoClaims - has resulted in a significant increase in the number of calls to the toll-free number, highlighting the limitations of the communication system currently in use. "Based on these assumptions, it was no longer possible to guarantee the service quality we were accustomed to providing our users and which we intended to further fine-tune,” affirms Maria Teresa Romano, Office Manager of Assimoco Online. “A review of the inbound call management system structure was thus indispensable in order to respond even quicker to the needs of the sales network." Hence, on the one hand, the Company needed to adopt a solution that would permit the classification of the various problems being handled, evaluate the efficiency and response times of the operators and queued waiting times, monitor the peak times for calls during the day and be aware of how many of these were not satisfied. On the other hand, there was the desire to offer a service to users that would allow messages to be left even outside the regular Help Desk operating hours, in order to call users back as soon as possible, as a clear indication of the Company’s interest and attention.


Optimal inbound call management

Thanks to the system developed in collaboration with Base Digitale Platform, we are now able to optimally manage the flow of inbound calls, being approximately 4,000 per month, and to gather online statistics that allow us to determine critical points ahead of time and swiftly intervene with corrective actions," comments Romano. "This has allowed the Company to further consolidate the relationship with its distribution network, as Assimoco Online and its reception service provide a certain point of reference even when operators are not directly available." Significant changes for Assimoco Online are scheduled for 2011. Indeed, the Company will focus on extending the technical support services also to underwriting/management issues inherent in the Elementary and Claims Branches. This change will transform Assimoco Online into a Service Centre aimed towards the sales network. What’s more, the team will be expanded with the inclusion of new professional roles having specific technical-insurance skills that will then be shared to train the rest of the staff and further improve service quality and efficiency.