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Company Name



Banking, insurance



Technologies involved



Guaranteeing continuous assistance via the web, through the utilisation of a multimedia platform that facilitates the use of a broad range of interactive tools.


The management of 30 clients, 120 projects and 450 multimedia workstations operating within three different offices that are, nonetheless, functionally integrated and operationally interchangeable.

More client information


Covisian is a Global Service Provider specialising in the management of value-added services in the banking and insurance sector. Fundamental characteristics of Covisian are flexibility and process control, with the objective being to ensure compliance with respect to the standards required by the sector and an elevated response capacity. Covisian naturally falls within the certified payment transaction management (PCI) facilities and is the only structure in Italy that has achieved EN15838 certification for outsourced service management.


The benefits of Base Digitale Platform

Currently, Covisian uses the Base Digitale Platform to manage 30 clients, 120 projects and 450 multimedia workstations operating within three different offices that are, nonetheless, functionally integrated and operationally interchangeable. SLAs average above 90% and error rates below 1%. The 2012 growth forecasts indicate a 13% overall increase in volumes. This is confirmed by the final data from the first quarter. Covisian set out on a research pathway in 2007, beginning with the verification of the products performed through demos by suppliers and visits to various Contact Centres, from the analysis of offers received and from an assessment of the supplier companies, ultimately choosing Base Digitale Platform as technological partner for the following reasons:

  • campaign configuration. The system ensures campaigns and IVRs can be simply configured through an intuitive graphic tool that is easy to use and adapted to the needs of Covisian.
  • the registration system offered is malleable, flexible and economical.
  • BDP’s Reporting ACD system relies on a standard system of Business Intelligence (Microstrategy) that ensures considerable flexibility in statistics production.
  • remote connectivity. The possibility of integrating the switchboard services on the client’s PBX with ZERO technological impact, along with the option of quickly performing SIP trunking.
  • development. BDP’s strength lies in the possibility of creating its own applications in a simple and functional manner, thanks to the excellent documentation and source codes, for example.


Tailored solutions

The technological platform that Covisian had adopted up until 2008 did not permit future developments, being based on an outdated conception of voice systems. Market research commenced so as to offer the client an elevated qualitative and quantitative standard, in order to offer new communication channels simply and quickly, to improve post-operator management of all calls, unifying the response and census platform and switching to more flexible technology. Covisian adopted BDP’s #phones as a technological partner for communication channels, and Sysman’s ContactPro as census partner on the CRM system. The two solutions perfectly integrate to properly manage all phone calls, emails, faxes, and so on, permitting the integration of personalised solutions.


Continuous and multi-channel assistance

The system guarantees continuous online assistance, through the utilisation of a multimedia platform which allows a broad range of interactive tools to be utilised. The key point for future services is the management of integrated voice-video-web services. Hence, this leads to the option of rendering multi-channel services accessible even on the go via touch mode. Ultimately, this means the user has a support assistant available to manage communications via the chosen mode:

  • text message;
  • email;
  • instant messaging;
  • click to talk (speak directly through the tool utilised for navigation: PC, iPad, Smartphone);
  • call me back (to book a phone call at a specific time, indicating the subject of the request);
  • video call, to speak through the Skype communication protocol;
  • desktop sharing, allowing the assistant to view their own screen and - subject to authorisation - directly manage control of the PC for remote training, through the guided and/or assisted execution of complex activities. For example, a configuration procedure can be followed, requests can be made or forms filled out. A training course can also be completed.

For the service manager, constant customer control - regardless of the channels utilised - means that SLAs can be defined, differentiated by segment and channel, whilst activity volumes and communication tools can be monitored in real time.